Business Solutions

We provide special phone numbers plus the software to manage them.

Callcom’s got your number. We offer businesses toll free, shared cost, and premium rate telephone numbers. And we don’t stop there.

Our telecom experts provide you with tools to easily manage your business calls via the web - even if you’re not web savvy.

With Callcom, you can focus on business while we handle all your telecom needs.

When telecom services falter, customers tend to disappear. Let the telecommunication experts at Callcom sort and direct all your calls. Your bottom line, current customers, and new customers will thank you.

Premium rate numbers 090X meets top quality service

Dependable direct connections, top payouts, a solid infrastructure, this is the power of Callcom.

Let Callcom step in and show you why hundreds of customers rely on us for their most important business telecom needs.

Although we specialize in Swiss numbers, providing PRN’s in other countries is not a problem. As providers of premium rate numbers, Callcom’s services are designed to give you better traffic control, quicker communication, and higher payment service availability wherever you’re located.

Our platform is built to keep businesses everywhere perpetually connected and gravitating towards higher success.

They quickly configure numbers, routing settings, and carry out additional services as well. And of course, whitelisting and blacklisting calls are key functions within our premium rate number service.

Linking customers to your business with toll free, shared cost numbers and corprate numbers 058!

Lost calls are missed opportunities and delays can kill your business.

Your unique number, toll free, share cost or corporate number for everyone on your country. Now that’s pretty powerful.

Callcom provides original, easy to remember toll free, shared cost and corporate numbers for you business.

This telecom option gives your business more credibility, and can be used as a marketing tool used in digital or print adds.

Our unique toll free numbers also allow for extensions that can be utilized for individual service campaigns. The end result is increased customers, sales, and return on investment.

Our intuitive web based tools make accurately viewing call data easy. Avoid costly waits by letting Callcom handle telecom duties and details like:
  • Allocation distribution - We direct calls logically and efficiently during peak times, and ensure optimum utilization of resources.
  • Blacklist/whitelist - We make you business accessible to certain callers, as well as excluding undesired subscribers.
  • Time efficiency - We get it right the first time, directing your calls to the best department. We use a predefined sequence to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Interactive Voice Response -Through following simple voice commands we allow your customers to be automatically routed to the best department.
  • Virtual Call Center - We get it right. We have the resources to avoid forwarding calls multiple times and losing valuable customers.

Callcom offers toll free and shared cost numbers for businesses in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.

We have the ability to provide shared cost numbers and the software to manage them with small setup and monthly fee.